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Customized Tatami Flip-Flops
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Tatami Flip Flops
Item # 076-010
White foam/rubber sole with Tatami mat insole. Cross straps are made of soft velvet and have seven rows of stitching for durability. Printing aria up to ~6" Long and up to ~1.3" Wide (depends on shoes size, Font and Direction)
NOTE: Custom Shoes preview will be sent for approval. 

Vinyl print color CHART:

Example: Vertical ENG-Kanji
text : Martial Arts

Example: Horizontal Block
Text: Martial Arts 

# 016-010
$19.99 - $24.99
Note: 1 Line print only 
2 lines print option and more sizes are available through
BB Flip-Flops options:
Vinyl TYPE (use color chart):
Print Direction:
Vinyl COLOR (use color chart):
Short TEXT_2 words(15 letters)
Example: Horizontal Script
Text: Martial Arts

Example: Horizontal Bushido
Text: Thomas Academy of Martial Arts
Note: 2 lines print option available through BBE Customers LOGIN 

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