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!!!: Customer has to   "Add to Cart"  a BELT  in order to have    Line   embroidered (see Solid or Striped belts page)

First Line of custom embroidery
Type text as CAPITAL or small as you would like to have embroidered. Please specify 
Rank Stripes or Stars
Text scaled to fit up to 12" 

Block Font

Script Font
Script Font          Block Font 

ENG - Kanji Font

ENG-Kanji  Font 
English alphabet in Kanji style
 Foreign alphabet in NOT tilted Script

COLORS    (L) LEFT END (Tag end):

Wait! Belt is not included 


For Belt SIZES (sells separately):
(Left) TAG End Language:
(Right) End Language:
FONT Left(L) &Right(R) End:
Thread Color:
(L) End TEXT & Rank stripes:
(R) End TEXT & Rank stripes:
!!!: Customer has to   "Add to Cart"  First Line  in order to have   Second Line   embroidered (see the form above)

Second Line of custom embroidery
If you would like to have 2nd line embroidered on both ends of the belt   $5,  please specify below:
Second Line
For BELT Size:
(L) TAG End Language
(R) End Language
FONT Left(L) & Right(R) End:
Thread Color:
(L) End Text line
(R) End Text line
Block FontScript FontBlock Font                 Script Font

ENG - Kanji Font   

ENG-Kanji Font 
English alphabet in Kanji style
 Foreign alphabet in NOT tilted Script 

Karate "Man", "Girl" or "Kid"  LOGO

Add to your belt  Karate "Man", "Girl" or " Kid" LOGO embroidery.

'Karate Girl' LOGO
Price options (belt is not included):
LOGO Option:
Tread Color:

'Karate Man' LOGO 

'Karate Kid' LOGO

Add Your School LOGO
NOTE: In Single thread color Design only
$ 10
URL School LOGO code Example: 

Belt Sides:
Tread Color:
URL School LOGO code:

Example of School LOGO

Example of School LOGO

Add "Middle" Single Line

Line Option:
Dash Option:
Thread Color:
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